Uscom authorized to directly sell its type II medical devices in China

The company’s devices now get a platform for direct sales through the new certification, following the execution of regulatory compliances

Uscom has recently announced that its subsidiary in China has been granted a Type II Medical Device Business Registration Certificate, which allows Uscom to sell all kinds of Type II Medical Devices, including Uscom BP+, SpiroSonic digital ultrasonic spirometers, and USCOM 1A in the Chinese market.

Uscom, for the record, is a medical technology company which is specialized in marketing and development of non-invasive pulmonary and cardiovascular medical devices.

According to reliable sources, currently Uscom has USCOM 1A in a re-approval cycle, while SpiroSonic devices series and Uscom BP+ are in their initial Chinese National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) regulatory process. Apparently, these devices now get a platform for direct sales through this new certification, following the execution of regulatory compliances.

Associate Professor Rob Philips, executive chairman of Uscom, mentioned that based on a new model, the firm is not only selling products in China but also trying to build a long-term business. Through this certification, Uscom is allowed to sell, import and support medical devices independently as it has launched total seven new products in the market.

Sources informed that Uscom China has now its registered office in Beijing with a Foreign Trade Record, Business License, full capital and trading bank facilities, Certificate of Customs Declaration, and VAT General Taxpayer Qualification Form.

Uscom is also focused on growing its current distribution so that it can create a wide-reaching sales company that helps to cover extensive parts of China.

Uscom was founded in 2000 by Rob Philips, Associate Professor of University of Queensland. Its first original device was USCOM 1A which was launched in market in 2006 and remains as a key product of the company.

Till now, it has sold more than 1000 1A units into profound clinics and hospitals all over the world. Uscom is known for delivering innovative, non-invasive pulmonary and cardiovascular monitoring devices, sources added.